Vacationing with elderly parents

So you’ve decided to book a family vacation that includes your  elderly parents. The key to a great vacation is to plan carefully — and then to expect that those plans will change. Here are a few tips that will ensure a smooth, enjoyable and much needed vacation.

1. Choice of destination: chose to go to a vacation place which is easy to reach, direct flight, no long hours driving, has places of attraction which your parent will enjoy along with the family, has good facilities of hospital etc. The place should be such where your parent can relax and enjoy the culture, weather and food with family without running about from place to place trying to cover points and making him/her tired. Relaxing by the beach side, or enjoying the mountains interspersed with some sight seeing of points , enjoying local food and culture without making it too hectic would make it perfect relaxed family vacation.

2. Consider every detail: Plan your vacation to the tee. Make sure the  elderly have gotten all medical clearances. Let your doctors decide if they are capable of traveling and use your better judgement. If your parents use medication make sure they are packed for the trip. Long flights are to be avoided as they cause discomfort in the legs, so it’s better that you take connecting flights. Airports also offer cart transportation which will reduce long walks between terminals and gates.

3. Try to make a schedule that mirrors their daily routine: Focus on preserving your loved one’s routine as best as possible, particularly their eating and sleeping schedules, because small or unfamiliar changes can often feel overwhelming and stressful.

4. Include frequent breaks: When sightseeing it is recommended you factor in frequent breaks as too many activities in a short span of time may be overwhelming and exhausting. If on a road trip stopping frequently will increase the travel time so it is important to take these into account.

5. Relax: You are on vacation, some things are not going to go according to plan. Make sure your parents are comfortable and enjoy your vacation.

6. Medicines to carry: Do not forget to carry the regular prescribed medicines which your parent or elderly has been taking on doctor’s advise. Apart from these some basic medicines for fever, headache, vomiting, stomach upsets, diarrhoea, constipation, pain relief tablets and ointments should be kept handy.

7. Food: It’s always good to keep some light snacks like biscuits, fox nuts, their favourite munchies, water bottles, energy bars, glucose water etc for instant energy . Try to look for a home stay or a hotel which can provide food cooked to the specific need of the elderly.

8. Some warmers are a must for some unpredicted weather change to avoid from exposure to cold .

We understand that the pandemic has made us home bound over a period of time.
And we all are looking forward to short breaks for a change. However, there are certain safety protocols which we need to follow when going out and which must be adhered to without fail.  Make sure you are vaccinated before you plan a vacation. You should be aware of all the information ,documents required to be furnished to authorities by the tourist when travelling to your vacation destination .  Your best friends when vacationing are your masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing with outsiders, frequent hand wash.
Make sure your choice of destination is following all sanitisation protocols and all health and hygiene standards.

With all precautions travel safe & happy vacationing!!

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