Sneaky Signs of Diabetes in Older Adults

Diabetes can come unannounced and hit you right when you feel like everything is going smoothly. It creeps into the walls of your body slowly and creepily and thus, it is crucial that it is identified at an early stage. An estimated study suggests that at least 33% of adults above the age of 65 are suffering with diabetes. Which makes it one of the most common diseases affecting older adults.

Diabetes often leads to hazardous health issues like hypoglycemia, amputations, kidney problems, heart attacks, stroke and many more. People often even fail to detect diabetes at the start and only get diagnosed when it’s too late. They then have to live on insulin their whole life and under the fear of getting their blood sugar levels spiked up at any time. Thus, it’s important to educate people about the early signs of diabetes.

1. Blurred Vision

If you think that suddenly you need to get your glasses changed, and are also an older adult. You might need to get yourself checked for diabetes too. If goes undetected diabetes strikes the blood vessels in the eye and leads to problems like cataract.

2. Not Getting the Cuts Healed

High blood sugar levels lead to cuts and bruises getting healed at a slower rate than seen in normal adults. So if you think that your minor cuts take an extensive amount of time to heal, maybe it’s time to get yourself checked for diabetes.

3. Sudden Weight Loss

Diabetes often leads to sudden weight loss in people as high blood sugar levels burn body fat and muscle for energy. Thus, if you feel like you have been suddenly losing weight without making any major changes into your diet, then you might need to get yourself checked by a doctor.

4. Nausea

High blood sugar levels slow down and disrupt the digestive system effectively. So, if you feel nauseated and bloated all the time and the feeling lasts for multiple days then diabetes might be the real villain here.

5. Dark Patches on Skin

If you are suffering from diabetes then your skin might start developing inconsistent rough dark patches over it. They might look washable but are not and are signs of insulin resistance.

If you or any of your loved ones are having even one of these five symptoms then it’s time for you to get their blood sugar levels checked and follow the medications provided by the professionals. Regular medical checkups, blood tests every six months which are needed to keep check on overall health parameters including blood sugar levels. Living healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and workout is one simple way to keep lifestyle disease at bay.

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