Safety Measures For Elders At Home

As we grow older living at home requires careful consideration and planning. The 8% of the population was recorded as 60 years and above in the 2011 census and is expected to increase its share by 12.5% and 20% by 2026 and 2050 respectively. In India, 74.2% of elders lived with their families in their homes, which is though not a satisfying number but a promising one.

Safety and security measures for older people to make their surroundings comfortable and injury safe becomes an important aspect for comfortable living within the home. Impaired vision, weakness, low balance, weakened bones, chronic health conditions and being on medications are some of the common causes which cause injuries and falls among the older people. These may lead to fractures, head injuries causing unconsciousness, blood loss, trauma, cuts, fire and burns, choking or other food related incidents.

Now let us see some of the modifications which can help the elderly in-home to overcome the unexpected fatal accidents or other incidents which cause long term mental and physical problems

  • Avoid dim or improper lighting
  • Avoid slippery floors
  • Have countertops at multiple levels to make them accessible even from the wheelchairs.
  • Opt for lever door handles so that it becomes easier to open doors.
  • Place the plug points, switches, locks, and bolts at low levels.
  • Avoid spiralling staircases that can induce dizziness.
  • Install ramps alongside the staircases. Moreover, these should be wide enough to make way for a wheelchair.
  • Install handrails wherever possible in the house.
  • Have an emergency alert system in the rooms belonging to the elderly. A buzzer, for instance, can be installed to seek immediate attention in case of emergencies.
  • Don’t use area rugs and check that all carpets are fixed firmly to the floor.
  • Replace handles on doors or faucets with ones that are comfortable for you to use.
  • Install grab bars near toilets and in the tub or shower.
  • Reduce fall hazards: place no-slip strips or non-skid mats on tile and wood floors or surfaces that may get wet.
  • Place light switches at the top and bottom of stairs and remember to turn on night lights.
  • Install a ramp with handrails to the front door.
  • Install fire safety features
  • Make the bathroom fall-proof
  • Ensure easy access
  • Avoid breakables in the house

Above are some of the simple changes which we can make in our home so that it minimizes the chances of home accidents for elders. And it also empowers them to walk independently to them in their homes. Above all family members should keep a regular check on the needs of the elderly and check on their well-being time and again during the day and assist them in their small activities and work whenever needed.

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