Qualities a skilled caregiver requires

Oftentimes, everyone overlooks the fact that behind every positive and healthy elderly person, there are a number of hardworking and diligent caregivers tending to them everyday. Old patients and the elderly in families are often misunderstood, disrespected and ignored. Therefore, when caregivers start to provide for the elderly, there needs to be a two way communication between the patient and the caretaker. Spending so much time with one another, there could be many outbursts of irritability and emotional insecurity on both ends. Patience is one of the key qualities that a caretaker must have to deal with some negative aspects of growing old. Understanding that they don’t mean everything they say in a fit of anger and being empathetic when they feel lonely is very necessary.

Old people become extremely dependent on others as well, which is why caregivers need to be responsible for their medication, food and other needs. Only when one is passionate about the job can they become more attentive towards the needs of their careers. While caregivers must be strict with patients they must also be flexible and calm when dealing with uncooperative and stubborn individuals.

Caregiving is a very tiresome job, but having a positive mindset and building relationships with the elderly makes it all worth it. Many senior citizens are quite experienced in corporate work, leadership and family values and hence, it is never too late for caregivers to take advice from them about personal and professional life. They have many stories and experiences to share and indulging them in such conversations not only makes them feel better, but makes the job of caregiving lighter and happier.

We at Happy60plus strive to provide well trained caregivers who posses all the required qualifications and qualities.

Happy60plus has a thorough screening process while hiring Help Buddies and Healthcare staff . They should not only be skilled in their jobs, but need to be passionate about the cause of serving the elderly. As such they should be caring, empathetic, responsible, respectful and most of all have patience to work with elderly. Happy60plus also has training sessions designed to train the care givers as to how best to make the elderly comfortable and how to connect with them so that the elderly enjoy being with our helpers.

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