Physiological changes with ageing

Ageing is a natural process. Everyone must undergo this phase of life at his or her own time and pace. In the broader sense, ageing reflects all the changes taking place over the course of life.Wonder what’s considered a normal part of the aging process? Here’s what to expect as you get older — and what to do about it.

1. Cardiovascular changes: The aging process brings about stiffening of blood vessels and arteries making it difficult for your heart to pump blood. This ‘stiffening’ can also be triggered by excessive cholesterol and fat in your blood. Although it sounds scary, stiffening can easily be managed by including physical activities like walking, running or playing sports into your daily routine. A healthy diet which limits the intake of cholesterol and fat will reduce its effects as well.

2. Skeletal changes: With age, bones also tend to shrink or weaken, increasing the likelihood of fractures. Generally this shrinking leads to a decrease of 1 cm in your height every 10 years after the age of 40. Muscles too loose flexibility and endurance. This makes seniors susceptible to bruising and fractures. Including foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D can help you combat this weakening. 

3. Digestive System: Certain structural changes to the large intestine increases the likelihood of being affected by constipation as you age. A lack of fluid intake can also induce the issue. A fibre rich diet which includes fruits and wholegrains is the best way to overcome constipation.

4. Memory: Your brain undergoes changes as you age that may have minor effects on your memory or thinking skills. Although naturally engaging in cognitive activities like word puzzles, music and maintaining hobbies is a good way to exercise your mind, after all it is but an organ in your body and keeping it engaged will ensure its longevity. Being involved in social activities is also good for your mind and mental health.

5. Eyesight: Macular disorder(damaged retina), Glaucoma(damage of optic nerve), cataract(clouding of lenses) are some of the age related eye disorders. Weakening of your eyesight comes with age, keeping up with doctors appointments and avoiding unnecessary eye strain is key.

6. Oral Health: 25% of adults no longer have their natural teeth. Tooth decay, dry mouth, gum disease become common.

7. Bladder Control & Constipation: incontinence and constipation are both common with ageing and can impact older adults quality life. These may be side effects of any medication, not eating a healthy balanced diet or any other cause.

8. Decrease in salivary secretion leads to dry mouth, xerostomia leading to difficulty in chewing and swallowing resulting in malnutrition and fast weight loss at times.

It is important to remember not to be stressed about aging for it is but a part of life, certain choices will help us lead a better and active lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle , eating balanced and nutrition rich diet, exercising, sleeping well, taking regular prescribed medication and regular medical check ups will help in delaying onset of physiological problems and to control them.

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