My Experience with NURA’s AI Enabled Full Body Health Screening

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Sharing my experience from my visit to NURA for a comprehensive full body screening including that for prevention of life threatening disease like cancers and cardiovascular disease which are top killers in India.  NURA is a collaboration between Fuji Film Health Care and Dr Kutty’s Healthcare Group for AI Enabled Imaging & Health Screening. As you all know NURA has partnered with Happy60plus to provide comprehensive full Body health screening systems to all senior citizens and their families at discounted rates.
I recently visited the NURA centre. NURA provides best of AI enabled imaging & health screening using Japanese technology for early detection of life threatening disease like cancers, heart attack, strokes etc.

A preventive health checkup aids in detecting diseases at an early stage and helps in avoiding or slowing down disease progression to help you age better. Eventually, it reduces healthcare costs as, through timely check-ups, one can avoid costly medical services.

NURA centres are not hospitals where one can be exposed to risks of infections etc. completely safe, we had a luxury hotel type experience with a personal attendant by our side from the time we stepped in for our 120 minute long screening . It was not crowded as it was appointment based, v neat clean and hygienic and we did not have any confusion as to which room and where to go next as the attendant was continuously with us to help us. The entire experience of getting all the tests was seamless. Once I reached inside after a short registration process at the reception , I was asked to change into the centre’s clothes , disposable footwear , mask and gloves provided by the center.
There is one full floor dedicated to women specific tests. It started with basic weight, blood pressure and blood was taken for the blood metrics tests.

Thereafter I was taken for teeth and other oral examination. Next was the mammography. NURA’s breast cancer screening equipment can detect very early stages of cancer by 3D digital Mammography and AI technology . It was v smooth and painless experience.
After this I was taken to the CT scan area where the lung , Chest (heart calcium scoring test with CT imaging to identify risks of heart attack in future) and abdominal scans were done. It was a spacious, large and clean room where the machine was kept. The CT scan was done using least invasive technology having ultra low radiation and was not at all uncomfortable and I felt v relaxed during the process.
Next was the body composition and Bone Mineral Density (BMD). Lastly the cervix test was done where I was made at ease by the staff.

The entire staff was courteous and cooperative. I never got the feeling of being in a hospital or feeling unwell. NURA is a boutique screening center which has a positive and luxurious environment and the process is smooth and one does not have to be waiting for things to be done.
At the end of all the test we went to the Dr, The General Physician of NURA. The doctor provides an independent and objective analysis and diagnosis based on AI powered screening . She showed us the entire report where the report is summarised through grading system – A, B, C, D grades which is based on health conditions as per the the different tests taken of the various organs. The doctor showed us all the detailed parameters of the different organs and what is the current condition and what could be the probable risks. The images were shown to us which exactly showed which were the areas of improvements and concern. The doctor explained the entire report v patiently and answered to all our doubts and queries. Immediately after all tests, we could see our reports with the doctor and all these were made to us available online. You can access your digital records anytime anywhere through NURA website or app. Within 3 hours, our entire health screening was done, we were given the detailed reports, the doctor also explained to …

Package details:
The Full Body Health Screening package for men and women is available at Rs 15000/- at NURA.
You can avail a discount of 10% through Happy60plus if you plan to visit.
We shall share the 10% discount voucher with the unique coupon code just for you once you decide to visit.

Location Details:
No. 376, 100 Feet Road,
Indira Nagar,
HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore,

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