Loneliness and Depression in Old Age

According to a widely conducted survey, approximately 11-13% of older adults suffer from loneliness which ultimately results in depression. It is to be noticed that this percentage rises higher in adults who live alone and require home or health care. Loneliness can be seen as a unifying factor in the majority of older adults as most of them are living alone, suffering from serious health issues like chronic issues, hearing aid and more. Often due to these medical conditions, these adults are left to live alone by their kids or sometimes they are forced to live alone with their kids working in different cities. But whatever the reason might be, if neglected, this loneliness can lead to serious health factors like Depression, Dementia and Alzhiemer’s.

Common Signs of Depression in Older Adults

Depression is one such villian that creeps silently into your life and is difficult to recognize. A person who might be laughing and smiling might be going through the worst phase of depression and you will never really get to know them. Thus, it is really crucial for us to recognize the early signs of depression so that we can save our loved ones from drowning into it.

1. Sadness and a feeling of alienation and emptiness.
2. A sudden urge of staying aloof from friends and family.
3. Disturbance in sleep cycles.
4. Loss of appetite.
5. Difficulty in remembering things.
6. Neglecting personal care and grooming.
7. Sudden weight loss or gain.

Health Risks Related To Loneliness

We might take loneliness and depression as light and mere results of some unfortunate events of one’s life, but they can cause serious health problems and can be fatal, specifically in the case of older adults.

1. Loneliness and depression often leads to people consuming substances like alcohol, smoking and more. This can increase a person’s chances of premature death and cause serious damage to important organs like lungs and liver.

2. Loneliness and distance from family and friends generally makes a person overthink, which is a common cause of stroke.

3. Loneliness leads to depression and anxiety which in extreme cases leads a person to commit suicide.

4. Loneliness and depression was seen as a common factor in the majority of patients suffering from heart disease.

What activities to do if you are lonely?

Loneliness and depression can stop you from doing your daily tasks, thus it is essential for one to get out and take part in a few activities that will make them feel better.

1. Learn a new hobby: There is no age to learn something new. You can find anything that might interest you, gardening, music or anything.

2. Adopt a pet: Pets are the best antidote to loneliness. They can make you feel happy even on your worst days.

3. Learn yoga: It’s important to be fit at an older age. Fitness regimes like walking or yoga can help you to get rid of a lot of health problems.

4. Join spiritual classes: Spiritual classes are a boon at an older age. It’s great to join a spiritual class nearby, you can also meet like minded people there.

Happy60plus Companionship Buddies help in keeping loneliness away. They give company to lonely seniors, play board games with them, take them for walks and outings and also just spend time with them and love having conversations over tea or coffee and listening to stories of the past , sharing experiences and even exchanging notes.

Thus, if you are someone, or know someone around you who might be showing signs of depression or loneliness, then it is advised not to neglect and take it lightly. It is best to spend more and more time with them, shower them with love and care and take them to a professional in more serious cases. And if not, then Happy60plus Companionship Buddies are always just a call away.

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