How to improve memory among seniors

How to Improve memory among seniors

Many older adults worry about their memory and other thinking abilities. For example, they might be concerned about taking longer than before to learn new things, or they may sometimes forget to pay a bill. These changes are usually signs of mild forgetfulness — often a normal part of ageing — not serious memory problems. There are multiple ways through which old people can improve their memory. Some of them are as follows:

1. Sleep: Getting sufficient long periods of rest may not seem like a very remarkable ‘solution’ for cognitive decline. However, as indicated by the National Sleep Foundation, sleep really triggers changes in the brain that harden recollections. It likewise fortifies associations between synapses and helps in moving recollections from present moment to long haul memory. This implies the new recollections your seniors make are bound to remain with them.

What amount sleep is sufficient? Somewhere in the range of 6 and 9 hours of rest is sufficient for most seniors. Something however straightforward as sufficient rest seems to be a significant piece of improving memory for seniors.

Another part of rest that helps memory in seniors is to keep the sleep time as undisturbed as could really be expected. Studies show that if a senior’s rest is intruded on time and again in a night they can’t focus attention as well when awake, and in this way can’t recall what they learned. Similarly, with disturbed sleep your senior’s new recollections stay divided. They can’t assemble the pieces also and accordingly can’t plainly recollect what they realised.

2. Improved Diet: As indicated by Harvard Health Publications, food sources that are high in saturated and trans fats, like meat or steak, dairy, and fried food varieties, cause significant degrees of LDL cholesterol (the negative kind). Not do they form blockage in the arteries, obstructing food damaging to the heart, they also put an impact on the brain.

Changing a senior’s eating regimen to food sources that are high in mono-and polyunsaturated fats, like organic products, vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil, will expand levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind). This will prevent blood vessels from getting stopped up or harmed and decrease the danger of cognitive decline and stroke.

3. Becoming physically more active: Results from an research done by the Center for Brain Health at The University of Texas at Dallas showed that seniors who occupied with proactive tasks, for example, using a stationary bicycle or treadmill for just 1 hour 3 times each week for twelve weeks came about in higher resting blood flow to the brain. Upgrades in emotional wellness were seen in as not many as about a month and a half as there was an increase in blood flow to parts of the brain related with improved memory.

4. Brain Games: we should encourage the elderly to play more of brain games like sudoku, word games, brain teasers, puzzles, word search games which are available in various mobile apps and on internet. It stimulates the brain cells on a regular basis.

As a side note, actual exercise improves moods by providing endorphins and improves one’s appetite as well. It also may provide opportunities for social interaction which also improves memory.

These are just some of the many ways through which elderly people can improve their memory. When it comes to becoming physically more active, old people can indulge in various day-to-day activities such as gardening, brisk walking, yoga .etc. They can always consult a dietician for maintaining a healthy diet and their sleep cycle is something they can work on whenever they wish to.

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