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This is how Happy60plus Health Care Services can help your loved ones and elderly

We have been serving many seniors for at home healthcare services for senior citizens in Bangalore as part of *Happy60plus services.
In partnership with some established and experienced home healthcare providers our healthcare services are aimed at providing reliable and best care for senior citizens who want clinical expertise and best care when they return home from hospitals for post operative care, illness recovery , management of bedridden patients, the elderly/ geriatric care.


Healthcare Assist Buddies

The work of Healthcare Buddies is to accompany /assist elderly to hospital or doctor visit, help to book & coordinate the online doctor consultation when needed, get pathological tests done, buy medicines and make it all these services available at the click of the button and at doorstep.

Home Healthcare Buddies

Happy60plus provides verified, skilled and trusted medical caretakers , certified nurses to elderly needing post operative recovery once they return from hospitals, illness recovery,  management of bedridden elderly and for elderly  in advanced stages of Alzhiemer’s , Dementia or Geriatric and needing care .

Medical Caretakers

A trained attender to take care of the basic needs of the patient like being with the patient, maintaining personal hygiene, assisting in feeding, changing dress ,underpads, oral medication on instructions and assisting for doing some passive exercises.

Associate Nurse

A semi skilled nurse able to monitor vitals, give oral medication, catheter care, passive physio and taking care of personal hygiene of elder .

Registered Nurse

A well experienced and certified nurse to take care of all nursing care procedures at home including monitoring vitals, medications in any mode, wound dressing, insertion of rules tube or urinary catheter, tracheotomy care, ventilator care, drawing blood samples etc and also maintaining personal hygiene for elderly patients. These are usually for critical care patients.

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