Empowering Elderly with Technology

Why senior citizens should learn technology?

The world is changing faster than we anyone would have thought of. This is the new era of technology, where everything is at the tips of our fingers. Be it banking, socializing, networking, trading, shopping, etc. Our kids and grandkids are becoming more and more tech-savvy, it is becoming difficult to interact with them without having the basic knowledge of different utility apps like GPay, PayTM along with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The right knowledge of technology related to different apps, different gadgets, etc. will not only ease the way of life but it will also enhance the well-being by tracking the physical and mental health too. And most importantly it will bridge the generation gap by making interactions easy between two generations.

Why do senior citizens need to learn about social media and video conferencing?

Last few decades have lead to social, economic and technological transformation and has resulted in the breakdown of traditional joint family system in India wherein children moved out to bigger cities in pursuit of their jobs and career. Most of the couples (in the nuclear family) in metro cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, etc, go through a situation in which they complain that their parents are not interested to visit them and do not want to leave their familiar environment and social surroundings. The parents on their side feel being left alone lonely at home and not connected with their children. This is a common scenario in present times .Social media will help them get connected to their family, children, grandchildren, relatives and friends. They will be able to interact and communicate through Zoom video call, WhatsApp video call. Video calls are very important as they bring the feeling physical proximity with your loved ones even though being miles apart. They feel happy to see the faces of their children and emotions flowing through when in video calls. The elderly will be able to make new friends and reconnect with old friends and relatives far away through social media networks. The other important use of technology which has come out during the ongoing pandemic is the online hobby classes like yoga sessions, music classes etc , doubt clearing sessions on day-to-day issues, etc, . Vast content on emotional and physical well being of senior citizens available online .

Use Of Technology for day to day healthy and happy living for seniors

With the advancement of technology, there are gadgets like smart watches, smart phones  available that can monitor vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc, 24×7 and also give alerts through their apps. Seniors can monitor their eating habits and configure reminders based on requirements regarding health check-ups and medicines. They can keep track of things like weather, news, etc, as well as keep track of their location and help them navigate wherever they want to go. The other important use which has come out during the ongoing pandemic is the online classes for yoga sessions, doubt clearing sessions for day-to-day issues, etc, and with so much content on emotional and physical well being  of senior citizens available online ,the elderly can definitely benefit by accessing all. The various you –tube channels can help them develop new hobbies by watching videos on different interests like gardening, craft work, knitting , learning music and interests. They can listen and watch to their favorite songs and movies online, read books and news journals online, play online games like carom, chess, soduko, word games which are all available online by use of laptops, smart phones etc . These will not only keep them happy and engaged, but also  help them learn new skills and gain access to greater information on any topic of their interest.

Other important benefits of technology for senior citizens.

Cashless transactions using PayTM, GPay, PhonePay, etc, have become a trend since the Indian Government brought demonetization and became all the more important for touch free transactions during the pandemic. Seniors can do online transactions through their smartphones at grocery stores, malls, vegetable vendors, etc, as it is safer than handling cash and specially when done taking all precautions . These when PIN-enabled make it secure. Online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc have brought offers like never before, seniors can enjoy the benefit of shopping online. Because of technology seniors have access to all essentials, medicines or any other kind of shopping, or even flight and train ticket bookings, or booking of cabs all available at doorstep at the click of button from the comfort of your home.

Happy60Plus Tech Enablement Services

Happy60Plus is providing an opportunity and platform for seniors by enabling them to learn about these technologies. Several sessions have been conducted by our Happy60plus Tech Enablement Buddies to introduce our seniors regarding the usage of different varieties of apps starting from social media, payment apps, shopping apps like Facebook, PayTM, Google Pay, Amazon, Ticketing portals like MMT, Yatra, IRCTC etc. Apart from this , Happy60plus sessions have been conducted to train the seniors on the usage of internet banking, zoom calls and, many more to count.

Happy60plus has also conducted various online webinars through zoom specially conducted on topics of importance to senior citizens. These knowledge sharing sessions were presented by Expert speakers from various fields. Issues like Health & Nutrition in Old Age, Legal Safeguards & Will making , Investment Advise for Senior Citizens, Optical care and Eye Diorders and Cure with Ageing, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Health were some of the topics covered in these sessions and we had huge participation of senior citizens who immensely benefitted from these .

What makes our Happy60plus special is the live social engagement activities and events organized by us for the seniors. These events include yoga sessions, musical and cultural evenings, tambolanights ,tree plantation drives, organizing a visit to public places like botanical garden, lake, parks, etc. While many of these could not be continued due to the pandemic but very soon we made a shift to online activities during the pandemic and started to conduct yoga sessions online through platforms like zoom/WhatsApp video calls, Fun evenings with quizzes, antakshari and games etc where our seniors could interact, sing, enjoy and have fun from the comfort of their homes.

In line with India’s mission of Digital India, Happy60plus shall continue our endeavor to Enable and Empower the Senior Citizens through Technology.


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