Elders and Spirituality

Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of the life

-Elizabeth Lesser

The meaning of spirituality has evolved and expanded over time and has various connotations. For some, it is a search for ultimate or sacred meaning and purpose in life; for some, it is primarily about a belief in God and active participation in organized religion. Elders are more inclined towards spirituality as many say spirituality and aging go hand in hand. When most of us start neglecting elders, spirituality provides a sense of comfort, meaning, purpose, connection, completeness, etc., to the elders. Research has shown, the role of spirituality can have numerous positive outcomes for older adults, including enhanced health and well-being, greater capacity to cope, social support, and opportunities to participate in society. Spirituality promotes positive ageing

Reasons why elders move towards spirituality and their desire to explore more of their spiritual journey are many and and to mention a few, such as

  1. Increased dependence – Elders need assistance in most of their life aspects, making them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. They may be disappointed if we do not meet their expectations. Spirituality for elders can help them bridge the gap between their expectations and reality.
  2. Plenty of time – Elders have plenty of free time, which they spend on remembering their life’s most memorable experiences. They get to review their achievements and setbacks while beginning to recognize a meaningful narrative that ties it all together to spirituality.
  3. Grieving – As we get older, more of our beloved ones will pass away. As a result, elders may go through a grieving process more frequently than when they were younger. Spirituality can provide them with extra stability as they cope with losing their beloved ones and reflect on what they’ve meant to us.
  4. Post Retirement Engagement– The process of spirituality will not be like a workaholic life. It won’t have any targets, deadlines, timings, etc. It is the easiest thing they can do. It will not involve any physical work but keeps the elder’s mind engaged.
  5. A growing self-awareness – Most of us start realizing self-awareness at an older age as we realize that life is all about us, not what others think. Elders begin to think, have they created a meaningful legacy that will live on? What will they be remembered for? Spirituality can help them find answers to such mysterious questions and help them live in peace.
  6. Social isolation and loneliness – Those activities for elders that promote a deeper sense of connection, wholeness, meaning, completeness, purpose, etc., are said to be spiritual practices. Activities like praying, chanting, fasting, participating in rituals, celebrating special milestones, meditation, yoga, an activity that gives them a more profound connection to the world, can be considered a spiritual activities.

We at Happy60plus promote pursuing hobbies like music, painting, dance, knitting, gardening or any hobby which gives a sense of fulfilment to the mind, feeling of having created something by your own self. One attains spirituality when one feels satisfied, happy and fulfilled by engaging in any work one enjoys doing and these gives a purpose to life.

Happy60plus Yoga classes and meditation and pranayama sessions help elderly to connect the mind, body and soul and experience spirituality in life.

Thus spirituality can be attained through religious or non-religious, ways whichever gives peace of mind, feeling of joy, fulfilment and a meaning and purpose to life!

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