Elders: A Valuable Part of Our Lives

“An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure”
– an old saying

Aging is considered as a sign of experience and wisdom in various cultures across the world. The 8% of the total world population was recorded 60 years and above in 2011 census and is expected to increase its share by 12.5% and 20% by 2026 and 2050 respectively. In India 74.2% approximately elders live with their family, which is a satisfying number to say the least. Our seniors play a vital role in our lives and help us become a better version of ourselves. Lets list a few reasons so as to how our elders can positively impact our daily lives-

1. They are a power house of knowledge, wisdom and experience and these accumulate with age and they can be a good source of advice to the younger ones in the family.
2. In India, the dominant place of residence and care for elders is still the multigenerational family home. Homes which have elders are considered as morally, culturally rich homes and are seen with lot of respect in this era of global modernity.
3. The emotional quotient of the family members having elderly at home is higher. They bring ethical values such as sympathy, empathy and compassion, patience, care, respect and a sense of responsibility amongst the family members staying with them and helping them out in small daily tasks.
4. Grandparent-Grandchild relationship is matrix of intergenerational relationship and they are embedded within the greater system of a family ties. Elders help in the holistic development of their grandchildren and they are the care takers of grandchildren in most of the families.
5. A life satisfaction and intergenerational reciprocity.
6. They are the strong supporting pillars and are counsellors during family crisis such as divorce, remarriages, grandchildren parent’s death or have relinquished parental responsibilities etc.
7. For some families they are the pillars of the financial strength and they have better financial understanding–Example Pension income may serve to secure the livelihoods of whole family network.
8. They help in inculcating cultural knowledge (Yoga, home remedies), skills, morale etc., and build intergenerational solidarity amongst the younger generation.
9. They act as mentors, advisers to the family businesses, enterprises – Example Ratan Tatato the TATA Group, Narayan Murthy to the Infosys.
10. Many of our traditions and customs would get lost if not passed on to the newer generation by the elderly at home.
11. The elderly are a treasure trove of knowledge which they have accumulated over the past from their past experiences and learnings of the real world which when passed on help us to not repeat those mistakes.

And the list goes on. We cannot quantify the importance of elders in our life. They have the experience and one who has experience has wisdom in life.

In the hustle bustle and complexity of life we often are unable to take care of our elders, even though we might want to. Due to our academic and work commitments, we often have to stay away from them and are in a constant worry about them. And this is where Happy60Plus steps in. We look after the seniors and assist them with the day-to-day activities, provide car assisted help, give company to lonely seniors and enable them with gadgets and technology too. We call ourselves the ‘extended family’ for the seniors. We at Happy60plus love to help and assist the elderly just like any family member would do. So, if you are an elder or the child/grandchild of an elder, you need not worry about them…just you can reach out to us and we will take care of them for you. Because for us, our seniors are our best friends. Happy60plus is there for everyone who needs help and support to look after their ageing parents, elderly loved ones at home.

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