COVID-19: Tips on Emotional Well Being of Elderly

COVID 19 which hit the world in 2020 has impacted all of us and everyone’s daily routine has taken a totally new turn. The most vulnerable section during these challenging times are the kids and senior citizens. Social distancing, masks, sanitizing, staying indoors are the new norms and new ways of living.  It is very critical to maintain mental and physical health. Adopting and adapting to new ways of life and adjusting to new lifestyle changes is the biggest challenge for the elderly. Social distancing and staying indoors has led to loneliness, anxiety, and feeling of depression among many especially the seniors.

Here are some tips given by Happy60plus to keep loneliness and depression at bay

Allocate Family time– With most family members staying at home, this is the best time to spend quality time with children and grandchildren. Family time can be spent over dinner table enjoying a hearty meal with the loved ones, talking to kids and sharing stories of the past and their growing up days, helping grandchildren in studies and having storytelling sessions for them, and allocating time for board games like carrom, chess, cards, antakshari with the family. The pandemic has many adverse effects on the health and economy of all but the biggest positive effect is the revival of family bonds which got lost in the fast-paced and hectic lives we have been living till now.

Talk it out– Many elderly and seniors are staying away from their families and loved ones. In this situation, the best way to keep away from loneliness is to keep talking to family, friends, and relatives. Thus while social distancing has made it difficult to meet and visit family and friends, the use of technology is the best way to keep yourself connected with your loved ones. Embracing technology for talking over phones, video calls through WhatsApp video call, zoom, google video, skype are some ways to remain closely connected with the family even if you are not physically very near. This gives happiness to the elders and a feeling of being cared for and looked after. That someone is constantly there for the seniors is all they want and this feeling can come through small efforts like a phone call with the family.

In this respect, Happy60plus Help Buddies have been giving valuable Tech Enablement services to seniors. These are helping them to make video calls, have face time with family, and feel the closeness even when far.

Walk it Out– While talking gives emotional fulfillment, walking as a physical exercise is a must for all seniors which will help release endomorphins, act as a stress buster, will provide fresh air, Vitamin D, proximity to nature and a feeling of openness and fresh air. One can use the premises of the society to walk around or even a terrace or garden for a walk. If going out take care of all safety precautions like wearing masks and social distancing. This will help break the monotony of staying indoors and the feeling of being stuck. Walking is a great stress buster and an exercise that will keep depression away.

Develop and stick to a routine– Sticking to a daily routine of work, food, exercise, rest and sleep is a must for all elderly. Even when one does not have anywhere to go, it is important that the elderly should maintain proper meal timings, have proper rest, good 8 hours of sleep, have their medicines on time(if on medication). Any form of exercise whether its just walking, yoga, pranayama, breathing exercise, some sort of activity helps to keep the body as well as mind healthy and relaxed. Online classes are available for yoga and other exercises. While television, phone, and other screens provide a good pastime, one needs to keep away from an overdose of gadgets like phones, television and take proper rest to give rest to the mind. At times information overload also brings in negativity, disillusionment, brain tiredness, sleeplessness and leads to anxiety and depression. Thus a balance is required.

Develop A Hobby– The pandemic and staying indoors has given the opportunity to have enough time on hand to develop and inculcate new hobbies and hone the old ones.  If you ever had a desire to learn and pursue some hobby then this is the time. Take up gardening, knitting, learning new musical instruments, learn to sing, cook, dance away to your heart, start painting whatever you ever wanted to do. Do not look for perfection from the start but do give it a try. This will not only give a sense of empowerment by creating something but also work your mind, give you mental satisfaction and happiness on seeing your creativity. These days the internet, You-tube, and other online classes are available easily and for free to learn anything new. Do let us at Happy60plus know if you need any help and we shall Enable to have access to these through our Help Buddies and Tech Enablement team.

Stay Home Stay Safe– The most important thing during this time is to stay away from public places, stay indoors, follow all safety protocols of wearing masks, sanitizing, washing hands, and follow all government guidelines for the same, etc.

Staying indoors is especially recommended for seniors and the Elderly. In order to facilitate this, do call Happy60plus customer service for our Help Buddy /assistant /helper Service available on an hourly basis and on-call if there is need of any outside work like delivering essentials at doorstep, bank work, hospital or doctor visit, Tech Enablement, or our vehicle assisted Help Buddy Service. Our frontline warriors, the Help Buddies are there to take care of everything while you stay home and stay safe!

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