Seniors and Super Seniors

Who are Senior Citizens and Super Senior Citizens?

The journey into later life is often categorized into two main stages: senior citizens and super senior citizens. The distinction helps in understanding and addressing the varying needs and preferences that evolve with age.

What is Senior Citizen's age? 

In India Senior Citizens age is 60-79 years. Senior citizens often balance independence with the increasing need for occasional support. Whether it's through part-time employment, volunteering, or pursuing hobbies, the focus is on staying physically active and socially engaged.

What is Super Senior Citizen's age? 

In India Super Senior Citizens  age is 80 years and above. Super senior citizens typically require more consistent care and attention. Mobility might be more restricted, and health care becomes a primary focus. However, this doesn't mean a decline in quality of life. With the right support, super seniors can continue to enjoy their interests and family interactions in a comfortable setting.

What Services they need to keep themselves happy and healthy, mentally as well as physically?

Senior Citizen Care:

Health and Wellness Programs: 

  • Tailored exercise sessions, 
  • yoga, and 
  • meditation classes to keep the body and mind in harmony.

Educational Workshops: 

  • digital literacy classes to 
  • art and craft workshops, 
  • learning new skills

Social Outings and Entertainment: 

  • group outings 
  • cultural events, 
  • movies, and 
  • picnics

Super Senior Citizen Care:

At-Home Care Services: 

Professional care at home, ensuring comfort without the need to travel.

Medical Management: 

Regular health check-ups and medical management to monitor and maintain health.

Memory Care and Engagement: 

Special programs designed to boost mental health and deal with age-related conditions like dementia.

The Role of Technology

In today's world, technology is a bridge that connects various aspects of life. We need to simplify technology for our seniors, helping them stay connected with loved ones and the world:

  • Tech Literacy Classes: Easy-to-follow classes that teach the use of smartphones, social media, and the internet safely and effectively.
  • Virtual Reality Experiences: From virtual tours of distant lands to revisiting old neighborhoods, VR helps our seniors explore the world from the comfort of their homes.
Happy 60 Plus Yoga classes

A Community That Cares Seniors

At Happy60Plus, we believe that every senior deserves to live a life full of dignity, respect, and joy. Our programs are designed to cater to the unique needs of senior and super senior citizens, ensuring that the golden years are truly golden.

Whether you’re learning a new technology, meeting friends on a tour, or just enjoying a quiet afternoon with peers, our promise is to provide a supportive, caring environment every step of the way. Join us in celebrating life, no matter the age!

FAQs for Senior Citizen and Super Senior Citizen

What is the age of a senior citizen?

In India, a senior citizen is generally defined as an individual who is 60 years of age or older.

Is 55 or 65 a senior citizen?

In India, the recognized age for senior citizen status is 60 years and above. Therefore, 65 is considered a senior citizen, while 55 is not.

Who is a senior citizen, 60 or 65?

Both ages 60 and 65 are considered as senior citizens in India.

What is defined as a senior citizen?

A senior citizen is defined as any individual who is 60 years of age or older, according to the general standard in India. This age group is recognized for certain benefits and considerations.

Is 50 the age of a senior citizen?

No, 50 is not considered the age of a senior citizen. In India, the age threshold to qualify as a senior citizen is 60 years.

What is the age of a female senior citizen?

The age for a female senior citizen is the same as for males—60 years and older, in India.

What is the senior citizen age in IRCTC?

For the purposes of concession in train fares, Indian Railways recognizes males aged 60 years and above and females aged 58 years and above as senior citizens.

What is the age of a senior citizen in India for a passport?

For passport application purposes, the Government of India considers any person aged 60 and above as a senior citizen, which may entitle them to certain conveniences during the application process.

What is super senior citizen age?

In India, a super senior citizen is defined as someone who is 80 years of age or older.

What are the benefits for a super senior citizen?

Super senior citizens often receive higher interest rates on savings, increased tax exemptions, and priority medical treatment. They may also receive higher deductions on income tax and have specific counters at banks and hospitals for expedited service.

Who is a senior citizen, 60 or 65?

In India, a person becomes a senior citizen at the age of 60.

Who is eligible for super senior citizen?

Anyone who is 80 years of age or older is categorized as a super senior citizen in India.

What is the exemption for super senior citizens?

Super senior citizens are exempt from filing income tax returns if their total income does not exceed the higher exemption limit set specifically for them, which is generally higher than that for younger age groups.

What is the medical exemption for super senior citizens?

Super senior citizens are eligible for higher deductions on medical insurance premiums and higher exemptions on medical expenditure related to critical illnesses.

Is TDS applicable for super seniors?

Yes, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is applicable for super senior citizens, but they can submit Form 15H to avoid TDS on interest income if their total income is below the taxable limit.

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