About us

Dedicated to Senior Citizens

Happy60plus provides focused and customized to the Senior Citizens to Enable & Empower them for an Independent living and a happy ageing experience. We fulfill the gaps that exist in the current markets to facilitate an independent and socially active living for the Elderly and their family members.

Digitally Enabling Seniors

Tech Enablement of the Senior Citizens is an integral part of Happy60plus services . In line with India’s mission of digital India Happy60plus Empowers the elderly by enabling them learn the latest technology to be able to use and have access all the resources available through use of smart phones, computers and latest gadgets available in today’s tech driven world.

Help Buddy Service on Demand

The Help Buddy Service is designed for the 60plus population and provides verified and trusted helpers/assistants /companions who are available on demand at your doorsteps to accompany and help the older adults for any outside home work, visits or for running for their daily errands . Happy60plus help buddies are friendly companions who build lasting connections with the elderly. Let the seniors and their families be relaxed and worriless while our Help Buddies get their work done!

Connecting Generations

Happy60plus opens all channels of communication between generations by making students and youth as providers of Help Buddy Services to the older generation. These young, enthusiastic, and energetic Help Buddies not only assist and accompany the seniors but build lasting connections and bonds of love and friendship with the elderly they work with.

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