Month: May 2021

How to improve memory among seniors

How to Improve memory among seniors Many older adults worry about their memory and other thinking abilities. For example, they might be concerned about taking longer than before to learn new things, or they may sometimes forget to pay a bill. These changes are usually signs of mild forgetfulness — often a normal part of […]
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Managing cholestrol levels as we age

Cholesterol is a “waxy” substance that is much needed by your body to make cells, vitamins and other hormones. While it isn’t inherently bad, excess of cholesterol does cause problems. As we age our bodies cholesterol receptors naturally weaken, especially in men over 45 and women over 55. Even though it sounds grim it is […]
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Qualities a skilled caregiver requires

Oftentimes, everyone overlooks the fact that behind every positive and healthy elderly person, there are a number of hardworking and diligent caregivers tending to them everyday. Old patients and the elderly in families are often misunderstood, disrespected and ignored. Therefore, when caregivers start to provide for the elderly, there needs to be a two way […]
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